Friday, July 13, 2012

Android - English ABC Quiz

English ABC Quiz is an English learning application which can help you to learn English level A, B, and C.
English ABC Quiz is an English Quiz application which can help you to make the English test and review your performance.Creative Power Vietnam (CPViet) develops this application FREE for people can learn English easily.


The features of this FREE English Learning application is:
- Study Mode: Student can choose each question and try to answer it... until the student can choose the correct answer. Then the explanation about the correct answer will be displayed, so that student can understand why this is the correct answer.
- Test Mode: Student can choose some categories or all categories to randomize the number of questions which is specified by student. And student also can specify the time of the test. After the test, student can see the graph to show the performance of student.
- Resume Last Test: Allow student to resume the last test that student paused.
- Review Test Performance: Allow student to review the performance to improve himself/herself.




Because this version is the first version. So there are many limited things here:
- The category is "Grammar" only. The categories should be: Grammar, Vocabulary, ...
- The explanations of answers are not there now.


We are on the progress of improving this application day by day. So these limited things will be added very soon.


How you can help us to improve this application!
- Send us report if you see any incorrect question & answer.
- Contribute the list of quiz to us by sending email directly to us.
- Invite your friends and recommend this English Learning application to your friends. Share it to facebook, google plus, twitter and so on...

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